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Features of WeMEMS products

Presently, our main product is in the maturity stage. It competes primarily based on the mirror size and the scanning speed for high-resolution 3D image acquisition in LiDAR, compared to other MEMS scanner worldwide.

Our plans include further development of packaging technologies for enhanced optical performance and mass production to meet high demands from our major customers by 2020.

Competitiveness of WeMEMS products

WeMEMS is the first provider of high-speed & large-mirror MEMS scanners specifically designed for LiDAR application. Our product is superior in terms of the scanning speed and the mirror size, enabling our customers to obtain high-quality images.

Why work with WeMEMS?

We are so passionate in the invention of a scanner technology that several patents are being filed every year. For packaged MEMS scanners, we can carry out performance evaluation including reliability test, which results can be proudly delivered upon request. We also welcome any ideas from customers to expedite collaborative work for faster processing with a quick turn-around time (4-6 months).
Why work with WeMEMS