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The promise of MEMS mirrors for compact LiDAR scanners

MEMS scanner features a moving mirrors on a chip resulting in a very compact size with negligible power consumption. Nevertheless, someone has a concern about the mirror motion disturbed by the vehicle movement and temperature change that are very important aspects for autonomous vehicles.

WeMEMS, however, successfully developed packaged MEMS scanners by employing specially designed structures, which were passed through serious vibration and temperature test. Since MEMS scanners were recently found to possibly meet the expectations for autonomous vehicles, LiDAR manufacturers have intensively tried to enhance the performance to the requirements.

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WeMEMS can basically provide the following products.

- MEMS 1-axis scanner with a large mirror for image sensors
- MEMS 2-axis scanner with high scanning speed for display
(see the Table shown below for details.)
eMEMS can basically provide the following products.

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