About Us



- WeMEMS was founded in 2018 based on 30-year research experiences, and is currently producing micro scanners for LiDAR, AR display, optical imaging and more.

- WeMEMS scanners are fabricated using Si semiconductor process, featuring compactness, high speed, and low power consumption, low price

- Sensor-embedded MEMS scanners will enable customers to improve performance and design versatility.

- Our global competitiveness in design/production capability makes it possible to provide customized scanners within 3 to 6 months, and the patented technologies will support sustainable evolution of customer products.

Our Micro Solutions. Your Mega Innovations.


To provide quality laser beam scanners (LBS) for LiDAR, AR display and biomedical imaging


To enable our customer to find innovative solutions for three-dim detection and display


To inspire and support sustainable healthy global ecosystem for safe and comfortable society